Project description

The MODUS project aims to provide a pragmatic and viable solution that will allow SMEs to substantially improve their positioning in the embedded-systems development market.


The project will develop and validate a set of technical methodologies, as well as an open and customisable toolset, advancing embedded systems quality when using Formal Description Techniques (FDTs), by enabling:


• Model verification by guiding the selection of existing open-source model verification engines, based on the automated analysis of system properties, and producing inputs to be fed into these engines.
• Interfacing with standard simulation platforms for HW/SW co-simulation.
• Software performance-tuning optimisation through automated design transformations.
• Customisable source-code generation towards respecting coding standards and conventions.


In addition, the project will provide methodologies and open interfaces for customising and extending the MODUS toolset for use with different (domain-specific) FDTs, modelling practises, programming languages, target platforms, etc.


MODUS does not aim to be competitive with the vendors of CASE tools that are presently used in embedded software engineering. On the contrary, the project aims to allow the adoption of quality strategies by complementing these tools and preserving existing investments in technical-know.