The MODUS toolset is composed of two main sub-tools that enable model verification and Hardware/Software co‐simulation functions, i.e. the TRIAL tool, and performance optimisation and customisable source‐code generation functions, i.e. the TUNE tool. The concept is depicted in automated modelling and optimisation of embedded-systems development. The tool enables:

  • Model verification by guiding the selection of existing open‐source model verification engines, based on the automated analysis of system properties, and producing inputs to be fed into these engines.
  • Interfacing with standard (SystemC) simulation platforms for HW/SW co‐simulation.
  • Customisable source‐code generation, respecting coding standards and conventions identified in the early stages of the project and are mainly used by the involved SMEs and SME-ASs members for software development.
  • Software performance‐tuning optimisation through automated transformations


If you wish to receive a copy of the MODUS tool software release for evaluation, please make a request through the Contact Us form